1 Bridgewater Road - Farmington, CT. 06032

Our Client

CA Ventures is a Chicago based developer with over $5 billion dollar in assets. They got their start in the Student Housing market and quickly expanded to other verticals. Most recently, they entered the Senior Living market in 2015-16. We have been proud to be the Senior Living Group’s exclusive low-voltage/technology consultant for over 3 years. Together we have designed and opened projects in over a dozen states across the country.

Project highlights

Services provided by M&R DSG members:
Structured Cabling
-Fiber Optic
-Video Surveillance
-Access Control
Audio Visual
-Common Area Sound
-Common Area Video and Digital Signage
Emergency Call
-Dwelling Unit Requirements
-Access Control Interface
-Wired LAN Design Requirements
-Wireless LAN Design
-ISP and Bulk TV Carrier Coordination

Their Challenge

In a quickly expanding market, CA has gone to great lengths to make sure they are delivering a best in class product.

Our Solution

We designed a very progressive program that has some very specific goals in mind, a cross between progressive technologies and reliability so that it can easily be used by both residents and staff alike.

The Results

The results have been tremendous! We have some of the most leading edge technologies in the Senior Living space that has garned the praise of staff, our operating partners, and (most importantly) the residents.