10000 Skokie Hwy. - Skokie, IL.

Our Client

Greenhouse is one of the brands under the Grassroots Cannabis umbrella.  They have become the fastest growing cannabis group in the Midwest over the last 5 years.  We are honored to have worked with them for a number of years and been a partner in their growth.

Project highlights

This location will serve as the flagship store for their recreational products.  It has been designed by their long time Architectural firm, Camburas and Theodore (CT).  This old site will be transformed from on old bank to a state of the art retail dispensary.

Their Challenge

Existing locations are always more difficult than new construction but they offer our team an opportunity to take on fun and interesting challenges.  This site had its own challenges such as proximity to two major streets and working within the confines of an old bank.  Furthermore, state regulators have very specific security requirements.  We went to great length to try and blend the security infrastructure into the unique and compelling architectural design by our friends at CT.

Our Solution

We worked hand in hand with our client and CT on a solution that insured that we would be fully compliant with the state requirements, securing the site to make sure the building, the employees, and the general public would be safe.

The Results

We expect this to be most recognizable project in our years of design within this space.  More importantly, we believe we will have designed a solution for our client that will leave them eager to continue extending our partnership for years to come.


Images Courtesy of CT