1 W. Chicago Ave. - Chicago, IL.

Our Client

JDL Development has spent the last 20 years focusing on the luxury high rise residential market.  They have delivered some of the most popular MDU properties in the city over the last decade.  We are honored to have start our design partnership with them on such a prestigious project.

Project highlights

-Video Surveillance
-Access Control
-Video Intercom
-Security Operations Center
-Destination Dispatch Security Integration

Their Challenge

This project present many challenges for no other reason than it is a true mega-project.  The site is a true city block and construction will cost just shy of $1 billion dollars.

There will be two towers that sit on top of a shared podium.  Each potion having its own function, a mix of over 800 apartment and condominium units, vast amounts of retail tenant space, and a parking garage with over 850 spots.  Our task is to create a harmonious security solution that will allow entity to move freely and securely from one part of the building to the other, as each use case requires.

Furthermore, with a project of this size the construction will be phased, with certain portions of the site being built ahead/behind others.  Thus, we are tasked with making sure that Power Construction has all of the design information needed so that when construction is complete all of the infrastructure that was coordinated, lines up for the security contractor to meet the phased occupancy/installation requirements.

Our Solution

Our team will be working hand in hand with JDL, Power Construction, Goettsch Partners/HPA, and the rest of the design team to coordinate a solution for the various end users that will occupy this mega project.  Having decades of experience in the MDU space we understand the different requirements that condo owners have vs. apartments renters vs. retail tenants that occupy their property.  We will work through those requirements with the key principals to make sure we are delivering a secure experience to the residents and the greater public by leveraging some of the newest and most reliable technology in the security market.

The Results

With construction not scheduled to be completed until 2022, we aren’t ready to share the results but we believe it will be a great success!